No Mere Mortal

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Some Hokie players have been so damn good that they cannot possibly be mortal. We aren’t talking just good….we’re talking great. These guys should be playing with Zeus and Ares not Grant Throckmorton and Rashad Ferebee. Many have tried to summit Mount Olympus but only these lucky fourteen have succeeded.

Ken Oxendine - The very first No Mere Mortal.

Cornell Brown - An easy choice at the time.

Bob Shapiro - The first honorary member. He got O.J. off; he deserved it.

Waverly Jackson* – A moment of weakness on our part. His status was revoked, and his name will always carry an asterisk like Maris’ 61 homers.

Corey Moore - Needs no explanation.

Michael Vick** - Used to also need no explanation.  His name will always carry two asterisks due to conduct unbecoming of a NMM.  See art. 4, sec. 11, cl. 2.

Sean Connery - Simply put, he is the biggest bad ass to ever live. Far and away the best James Bond. Regularly defeated S.P.E.C.T.R.E. as well as Goldfinger and Dr. No. Slept with Pussy Galore and Honey Ryder. Never lost at baccarat or roulette. Can drink unlimited number of vodka martinis, shaken not stirred of course. Plus he was Edward Pierce in The Great Train Robbery. What more could you ask for?

Andre Davis - Three touchdowns (rushing, receiving, and punt returning) on three straight touches. Enough said.

Don Strock, Cyrus Lawrence, Bruce Smith, and Lee Suggs - All four granted NMM status by the Veteran’s Committee during the 2003 off-season. Don Strock led the nation in passing in 1972 and is Tech’s career passing leader with 6,009 yards. Cyrus Lawrence held the all-time Tech single-season rushing record (1,403 yards in 1981) for 22 years. Bruce Smith is simply the best defensive lineman to ever play the game at any level. He had 22 sacks in 11 games in 1983 and 71 tackles for loss for minus 504 yards in his career. He was awarded the Outland Trophy in 1984. Lee Suggs holds the NCAA record for most consecutive games scoring a touchdown (27). Not granting him No Mere Mortal status during his active career was a humiliating oversight that rocked the foundation of the entire NMM program.

Kevin Jones - Earned the honor after setting the all-time VT single-season rushing record in 2003, surpassing No Mere Mortal Cyrus Lawrence.
Bud Foster - Back to back seasons with the #1 defense in the nation.  True owner of the Lunch Pail.  Frightening to small children.  Took college football defense to the next level following 2002 incident at Kyle Field in which he was grabbed square on the shoulders by O’Connell and told to “give ‘em hell, Bud.”  Regularly refers to this moment in speeches as “the turning point” of his career.
  1. Mike
    July 28th, 2010 at 12:04 | #1

    Where is Ryan Williams? He’s already passed Lawrence and Jones for the single season rushing record, and now holds an absurd number of VT and ACC rushing records. Waiting until his active VT career is over would be like waiting til the other team is about to punt so you can go get a turkey leg without “missing anything.”

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